The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce strives to keep our registration process business friendly, while respecting the planning needs of our restaurants and caterers. We realize that your schedule is subject to change and created the policy below to cover most registration scenerios.

PAYMENT IN ADVANCE: Save $5 by paying in advance!
Members: $20, Non-members: $25
Payment in advance can be made by following the registration links provided on our website and emails. Cash or checks can be sent to the Chamber office in advance, and credit cards are accepted over the phone by 216-226-2900, OR through the Chamber’s PayPal site.

PAYMENT AT THE DOOR: Add $5 for payment at the door.
Members: $25, Non-members: $30
Payment in full is required and invoicing will no longer be an option. Cash, check and credit card payments will be accepted at the door.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cancel your reservation after 12pm two days prior to the meeting (ie: less than 48 hours in advance), you will be charged $20 ($25 for non-members). “No Shows” will also be charged $20 ($25 for non-members).

Would you like to keep a credit card on file at the Chamber office for convenient monthly meeting and sponsorship payments? Call Lauren Small at 216.226.2900 for more information.