Recipients of the prestigious Business Person of the Year award are individuals with a business interest in the community who have worked to better Lakewood in one or more ways. In addition, many of the past winners have contributed time and effort to making Lakewood a great place to live, work, and play via their civic, recreational, school and/or church activities.

Here is a list of past Business Persons of the Year:

Business Person of the Year

1988  John Brittain
1989  Tom Greiner
1990  Chuck Rothbard
1991 Jeff Snyder
1992  George Draeger
1993  Les Wilson
1994  Dan Kalish
1995  Chas Geiger
1996  Don McQuilkin
1997  Larry Faulhaber
1998  Linda G. Beebe
1999  Timothy Laskey
2000  George Everdeen
2001  Terry Tracy
2002  Rick Parker
2003  Kenneth J. Warren
2004  Suzanne Metelko
2005  Tari Rivera
2006  Curt Brosky
2007  Parnell Egan
2008  James O’Bryan
2009  Mickey Krivosh
2010  Scott Duennes
2011  Mary Anne Crampton
2012 Matt Fish
2013 Ralph J. Lukich
2014 Robert Wright
2015 Julie Warren
2016 Lucinda Einhouse
2017 Thomas J. Fraser
2018 Michael DeStefano

2019 Pete Nelson