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Membership Application

Joining our Chamber of Commerce is easy.  Just follow the steps and complete the form below to become a member of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce:

Calculate your annual dues based on the number of full time (2,080 hours/year = 40 hours x 52 weeks) and full time equivalent employees (based on the number of hours part-time employees work each week: 4 part time employees x 10 hours per week = 40 hours per week or 1 full-time equivalent employee.)
Five digit zip code required

I understand that:

  • My membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce;
  • The Chamber year is July 1st to June 30th; and,
  • I am required to pay the full amount of annual dues to participate in the benefits/programs offered by the Chamber.
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