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Business Book Club: One Piece of Paper

one piece of paperThe 2014 Business Book Club was held on Wednesday, January 15th.  In partnership with the Lakewood Public Library, the Chamber hosted a community read for the book, One Piece of Paper, by Mike Figliuolo. Our panelists included:

  • Andrea Fisher, Lakewood Public Library
  • Scott Miker, COSE / IncFuse
  • Cindy Einhouse, Beck Center for the Arts
  • Mike Belsito, Startup Lakewood and eFuneral
  • Author Mike Figliuolo – via Skype

One Piece of Paper guides you through a simple approach for creating, articulating, and living your personal leadership philosophy—one that can be shared on a single piece of paper. Figliuolo’s model distills leadership to four easy-to-understand aspects:

Leading yourself: what are your rules of personal conduct and what does the “future you” stand for?

Leading the thinking: where are you taking your team and how will you innovate to drive change?

Leading your people: how can you lead a team as individuals rather than faceless cogs in a machine?

Leading a balanced life: How do you achieve equilibrium between work and personal obligations?

Book Club moderator Patty Ryan led the panelists in a discussion of leadership, and each one voiced different opinions and perspectives based on the type of businesses they represented. Author Mike Figliuolo answered questions from the panelists and from the audience about specific experiences that helped to form his personal leadership philosophy.

Check out photos from the event: