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2016 Why I Love Lakewood Essay Excerpts


Over 150 essays were submitted to the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce for this year’s “Why I Love Lakewood” 4th grade essay contest. It is always a difficult task for the panel of seven judges to select just one winning essay. Here are a few notable excerpts from some other very passionate and talented 4th graders:

“Five generations of my family have lived in Lakewood at some point, for over 100 years! From me to my 2x’s Great-Grandmother Harriet Lonergan. She lived on Belle with her son James; they attended Lakewood schools around 1910.”- Max R., Lakewood Catholic Academy

“I love Lakewood because the best kids are here and the best school district is here.” – Trey R., Lincoln Elementary

“I love Lakewood because you are so close to all your friends…For example, my brother Samuel always goes to his friend’s house. Like when the 2016 World Series was on T.V. and even on Halloween! When my mom and I pick him up since Lakewood is so small it only took about 5 minutes.” – Noah C., Lincoln Elementary

“Our Lakewood Police Department is very good. They stop crime and are nice people.” – Ruth B., Lakewood Catholic Academy

“The schools in Lakewood are awesome. Everyone at a Lakewood school is cared for and never left behind in anything, not even field trips.” – Bailey D., Grant Elementary

“Lakewood also is amazing for the fact that it lets the cars share the road with the bikes and there are many bike lanes. The bikes are just as good of a transport as cars and it doesn’t pollute the air, which is why Lakewood is nice and fresh.” – Cal H., Grant Elementary

“Hello everyone, my name is Javaria. And I just needed to remind everyone that Lakewood means a lot to me. And without Lakewood we wouldn’t even be here.” – Javaria I., Roosevelt Elementary

“…the Solstice Steps are crazy cool. Those are probably the coolest things in all of Lakewood.” – Camden F., Grant Elementary

“The definition of me and all my friends is happy, because we live in Lakewood.” – Jianna W., Grant Elementary

“Another favorite place is The Place To Be. They have a spectacular breakfast menu and one of the best things on it is chocolate stuffed pancakes with oreo and powdered sugar on top….I’ve been a new kid in two schools here, Emerson and Grant. All of the kids at both schools were so friendly. I felt like I had already been there for a long time even though I was brand new.” – Elizabeth S., Grant Elementary

“In Lakewood we don’t have new houses built very often but that isn’t a bad thing. For example, my house is very old and it has radiators. When we first moved in the radiators sounded like a tea kettle but once we got used to it the radiators sounded like home and it wouldn’t be the same without them.” – Beatrice A., Lincoln Elementary

“…more musicians means a smarter population and a smarter population means a stronger population. Also, when you think about it the more musicians the more entertainment and who doesn’t like entertainment?” – Stella R., Grant Elementary

“The smell of the air, the people laughing, we are the best. For example, I was walking and I ran into somebody and she said sorry I said it was my fault after we stopped blaming ourselves we just laughed.” – Ibrahim L, Lincoln Elementary

“Some people think Lakewood is as messy as Cleveland but I’m here to tell you that they are 100000000% wrong…just remember: Is it a town? Is it a village? No, it’s Lakewood Ohio!!” – John C., Horace Mann Elementary

“I am astounded how there are so many different restaurants with so many different cultures. Such as pizza hut, Taco bell, Chinese buffet.” – Jaden M., Roosevelt Elementary

“Lakewood also has a bunch of super nice people. For example, my next door neighbor shares her mulberries with us even though we can’t share our apples with her because the deer eat them all.” – Iris W., Grant Elementary

“At the Beck Center I do acting camp…Acting is so fun it is like being a different person. When you are acting you can be old, young, rich, mean, angry, popular, and nice, and much more.” – Emma K.

“…the last reason I love Lakewood is for all the people who keep us safe from harm. For example, police officers and the army.” – Kenla H., Roosevelt Elementary

“Lakewood park has new wifi so now the park will be way nicer. Lake Erie is very nice, one of the nicest lakes. Deagan’s French fries are good with the cheese on them. Our community is so nice everybody likes it. The schools are good Lincoln is such a nice school they have chairs for everybody.” – Olivia M., Lincoln Elementary

“To summarize, next time you walk around Lakewood remember, you love Lakewood so much. You really do, so so much. Everybody does, and it is just all the places the people everything, just everything.” – Charlotte G., Lincoln Elementary